An unforgettable experience and funds for your organization?

Let's talk about hosting your fundraiser!

  • Are you looking for a unique way to support and raise funds for your organization?

    Callisto Terra has you covered!

    We love working with local organizations! We've connected with those in Toledo as well as those within the Surrounding Areas (Perrysburg, Sylvania, & Maumee to name a few) to help raise funds and foster awareness for schools + non-profits.

    To connect and discuss the possibilities, fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Some recommended fundraisers we offer:

    1.) Pre-selling Candles + Melts where you recieve a % of the sales.
    2.) Organizing group candle making classes that directly benefit your people + organization.
    3.) Designing your very own custom candle branded specifically for your organization!! We design a fragrance, label, & you benefit from each sale.

    So what does this really mean for you & your people? A percentage of all profits made in honor of your organization go directly back to you! It's a win/win for your people because they get to support you AND they get great scented products OR they get an amazing candle making experience.

Submit a Fundraiser Request

Schools, non-profits, religious organizations, individuals etc. Just shoot us a message with what you're thinking and we can work out the details together.