Callisto Terra's First Shop + Candle Making Classes!

Callisto Terra's First Shop + Candle Making Classes!

Candle Class in Toledo

Candle Class and Shop Fundraiser for Callisto Terra


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The vision of Callisto Terra's Candle shop and classes is to provide a relaxing, tranquil, and creative atmosphere for customers to get the full candle making experience and be able to shop from a variety of handmade candles and melts. The shop will be located in the warehouse district at the beautiful artist mall in the Art on Market Shoppes downtown at 201 S. Erie st. Toledo, OH. It’s right by the Farmers Market and Libbey Glass.  
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The soft opening is Sept 11th, 2021 - the same night as the Toledo Night Market! Sign Up's for classes will open up within the next couple of weeks!
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Check out our Amazon Wishlist to help purchase supplies and furniture for the shop. By purchasing items off the list, they can be shipped directly to Taylor from Amazon and reduces the amount of funds that need to be raised and eliminating fees. 

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 The Story.

Having a place to share her love of candles and creativity has been the long-term dream of Taylor’s. This is a dream that she thought was out of reach until recently. As some of you may know, Taylor  is raising her four young kids as a single mother while also faithfully running her small candle business, Callisto Terra, out of her home. She has joined over two dozen vendor events this summer while operating two other online businesses and side jobs to make sure all the bills get paid. In addition to this, she builds up her fellow small businesses through sharing support and hosting events like Stroll, Shop, Dine at the Shrine in Oregon, Ohio on June 5th of this year.

Now, It’s safe to say, the entrepreneur life comes with many challenges and risks. With the support of her customers and her determination to grow the business, Callisto Terra has been able to maintain itself with consistent-monthly traffic. This is pretty amazing if you knew the obstacles that Taylor has had to climb in order to get to this point. 

After years of the ups and downs of running businesses, Taylor has been presented with the unique opportunity to expand Callisto Terra into its own shop space Sept. 1st and host weekly candle making classes. Talk about dreams coming true! This is something that felt out of reach at this point in the journey, but after weeks of contemplation, running the numbers, and following her heart, she realized this was not only possible, but sustainable to scale the business and support her family while doing it.

Here’s where you come in. Unfortunately, businesses come with up-front costs. Who’d of thought, right? To get the shop up and running, comfortably, we need as much community support as possible to purchase supplies and equipment, remodel, and furnish the shop. With all of the factors added in, including a couple months of lease, we came down to the conclusion that we only need to raise $4,000 (less than that if we can get furnishings for less and if people can purchase items off the Amazon wish list).

To be honest, this is terrifying... in a good way. What new adventure isn’t? Moving into a new season of growth and believing in herself and her business is nothing new to Taylor. She has proven to herself and her faithful customers that there’s potential with Callisto Terra, and she is more than ready to go full force as a female momprenueur paving the way for her children and other females small businesses chasing after their dreams.

This is where we realized that a little help could change the course of this family's life forever. we can help Taylor and her children to break from the cycle of running multiple side hustles and enable them to focus in on this growing and sustainable business to provide the life that they dreamed of.

Who’s with me? Would you consider helping this wonderful family move into the next thriving chapter of their life with the Callisto Terra Candle Shop & Classes?